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Coffee: Is It Good or Bad for Your Health?

Published September 14, 2018

Is coffee good or bad for your health? Does it cause gastrointestinal complications, or does it prevent risk of Alzheimer’s? A constant flow of new research continues to appear, confusing coffee drinkers with conflicting information about their health. There is no simple answer to these questions, but it may be fair to say: it’s both. Coffee or caffeine, in excess, is known to cause tachycardia, restlessness, headaches, and even hormonal imbalance. This information might make anybody want to cut back on their caffeine intake. However, before you completely kick your coffee habit, there is also new research to show the long-term benefits of drinking coffee and/or caffeinated beverages. A study published in Nature Medicine found lower activity levels in inflammatory gene clusters in older people who drank caffeinated drinks, such as coffee, than in older people who did not. It also lowered other health concerns such as high blood pressure. Especially with age, inflammation can lead to chronic diseases—but it seems that with a healthy dose of coffee, you may be able to lower your risk. Read more…

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  • Just wanted to thank you for the follow up and to let you know how appreciative I am of all your help. I am the biggest sugar addict there is and truly am amazed at how easy it was to give up the sugar with no cravings at all. I went home and increased the good fats like olive oil,…Read More
  • "I was unable to find a provider who specializes in female hormones through my OBGYN – they just give you the pill which I didn’t want. And, my endocrinologist fell short in this area. Then I found Restorative Wellness MD of Cincinnati and Dr. Kissel. At my first appointment, the office staff was great, and Dr. Kissel was very thorough…Read More
  • "For years, I have been seeing Dr. Kissel for pellet therapy. This hormone treatment has given me relief from anxiety, fogginess, memory loss and insomnia. Dr. Kissel incorporates a holistic approach that includes a nutritional guidance and supplementation, and my health has significantly improved under her care. I would highly recommend her to others who are looking for a holistic…Read More


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