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Metabolic Code

Optimizing Wellness With Metabolic Code from Restorative Wellness MD – Based in Blue Ash and Serving Cincinnati, Dayton, Lebanon, Hamilton, Florence, Chillicothe, Eaton, and All Surrounding Areas

Every day people make a choice to start eating better and get healthy… moreover, every day those same people don’t really have a strategy or an idea of what they’re doing. In recent years there has been a surge of services, products, and technology offered to help people improve their health through tracking of calories, exercise, and hydration. However, what these products do not propose is an in-depth look at the causes of health dysfunction… until now. The Metabolic Code (MC) – a method for determining the state of your vitality and wellness – will help you get ready and prepared to embark on your health transformation journey.

Metabolic Code Health Assessment and Vitality Report

Metabolic Code Report for Metabolic Syndrome and Metabolism optimization and chronic disease preventionThe Metabolic Code was created with the belief that people deserve vitality at every stage of life, and that your health is a result of the complex relationship between lifestyle decisions and how those decisions influence your metabolic health. The Metabolic Code assesses your health in distinctive layers to build a comprehensive view of who you are now while identifying and tackling the fundamental tenets of aging, metabolic, and lifestyle influences that could be obstructing your metabolism.

The Metabolic Code Health Assessment and Vitality Report is a patient-friendly, easy-to-understand report that integrates results from a personal questionnaire, lab tests, and biometrics to encourage the optimization of health while reducing factors that can negatively impact well-being. Your personal information is recorded and organized into Triads to create a one-of-a-kind report that presents a thorough picture of your current chemistry. The Metabolic Code Health Assessment and Vitality Report explains where you can improve on the Triad relationships using dietary, lifestyle, and targeted nutritional supplements unique to your specific needs.

Meet the Triads

The Metabolic Code is based on the philosophy of metabolic Triads. With more than 30 years of clinical research and application, the Triads classify critical organ systems into categories of three body systems that work in close collaboration together and represent the complicated interrelationship of the systems that can pose a substantial impact on your metabolic health.

The Metabolic Code consists of 5 unique Triads:

Unlock Your Code

Your metabolism isn’t just your caloric intake and expenditure; metabolism involves all the chemical responses in your body. Your health is an outcome of all contacts, experiences, and lifestyle behaviors that have accumulated since birth. Symptoms often show up before they generate a shift in your lab values. If you are looking to revitalize your health, gain energy, or improve your general wellbeing and quality of life, Dr. Kissel and Dr. Poje at Restorative Wellness MD of Cincinnati can help guide you back on an individualized path to well-being and vitality with Metabolic Code.   Learning the daily habits and practices that build health and is specific to your needs is a focus on our commitment to you.

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  • "I was unable to find a provider who specializes in female hormones through my OBGYN – they just give you the pill which I didn’t want. And, my endocrinologist fell short in this area. Then I found Restorative Wellness MD of Cincinnati and Dr. Kissel. At my first appointment, the office staff was great, and Dr. Kissel was very thorough…Read More
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