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Healthy Diet, Nutrition & Weight Loss at Restorative Wellness MD of Cincinnati

Diet & Weight Loss

In our society, many people are overweight. Our busy lifestyles, our social settings and toxin exposures, the way our food is presented and packaged, and the way our food is manufactured in the United States all support weight gain. Our bodies from the very beginning were designed to store fat so that we would have it in lean times when we had no food. Unfortunately for us, we still have the inclination to store and keep fat even though we do not have lean times and food is readily available to us. Many of the ingredients in today’s packaged and processed foods contribute to fat production and storage, even on products that say healthy, clean, light or natural. Consumers have to be very savvy and smart when it comes to choosing groceries and planning their daily meals and snacks.

Nutrition and weight loss is a passion for the doctors and staff at the Restorative Wellness Center. Dr. Kissel has a background in nutrition education, and truly enjoys informing people about the Dos and Don’ts of proper eating for optimal weight and health. She promotes a modified Paleo Diet. Dr. Gaurang Shah supports a well rounded diet that includes healthy meat choices; however he was raised as a vegetarian and continues to choose this for himself. He is an expert at helping you create a well balanced diet along with nutritional supplementation to support a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle.

Our team of educators believes that weight loss is multi-factorial. There is no single application or ‘silver bullet’ for weight loss. But when the right things are done in conjunction, it can be a wonderful metamorphosis for clients! These right things include a healthy diet, appropriate activity, balanced hormones, restorative sleep, and clean living-avoiding toxins. When you commit to an initial program and maintenance, you will be very happy with the results.

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is really about getting your body to function properly and efficiently with a “fast” working metabolism. Healthy food choices provide the correct nutrients necessary for a working metabolism. It is not just about calories in and calories out. Simply counting calories is ineffective. The shift to low fat diets with the obligate increase in carbohydrates has caused an alarming increase in weight in the United States in the last 20 years. There are so many different diet books and programs, it is hard to know who to believe – it is overwhelming. To keep it simple, a weight loss diet must include organic, properly grown foods including adequate healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, and water. The cornerstone of weight loss really is just avoiding simple carbohydrates and empty calories, increasing organic vegetables and fruits, eating quality grass fed, free range sources of protein, and avoiding irritating foods including food intolerances that increase inflammation.

Supplements can be added as a valuable piece of your weight loss puzzle. Selecting a quality Nutraceutical company is important. We will help you to understand the unique, perfect food choices for your body, but you also need to know when supplemental support is necessary and how to optimally fuel your everyday needs for ultimate metabolism. More than 90 percent of Americans are deficient in at least 11 nutrients.

Our team is very well versed on fitness and exercise. We recommend aerobic activity emphasizing brief bursts of intense activity, combined with strengthening and flexibility exercises. Small things done on a regular basis can promote big changes. It does not have to be difficult. We will help you find something that works for you.

Our doctors will balance and manage your hormones including the thyroid hormones, cortisol, estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. A healthy thyroid – the regulator of metabolism, right amounts of the adrenal hormone cortisol – related to stress and abdominal weight gain, and support of insulin sensitivity are crucial to successful weight loss. Balancing the sex hormones not only helps to lose unwanted pounds that come on with menopause and andropause, it also helps to regenerate and restore healthy tissues. Successful weight loss management requires that individuals identify triggers to overeating and engage in healthy lifestyle behaviors. Balanced hormones help to stabilize mood and behavioral issues, and bring back restorative sleep which is itself, necessary for weight loss.

Another thing to consider is toxin exposure. Because toxins, are stored in fat, increased exposure makes it more difficult to lose unwanted pounds. The body holds on to fat to protect you from the effects of the toxins. Limiting exposure to processed foods, pesticides, plastics, heavy metals, and volatile solvents directly contributes to weight loss. We will work with you to improve your gastrointestinal health and remove irritants and toxins from the body. Through nutritional strategies from Restorative Wellness MD, including customized menus, pharmaceutical grade supplements, detoxification plans, and education on clean living you can achieve the highest level of wellness, a wellness that includes a healthy weight.

Following gastric bypass, maintenance of weight loss is sabotaged by nutritional deficiencies, poor metabolism, and subsequent lack of energy and motivation. Our doctors are happy to consult you on nutritional deficiencies that are common following weight loss procedures.

Remember, if you want to learn more, call and speak with a BodyLogicMD consultant who will be happy to answer your questions. In addition, you can find out more by coming to our monthly seminars and taking advantage of an hour presentation followed by a 10-minute complimentary Question and Answer session with one of our doctors. If you like what you hear and wish to go further, you can then schedule a complete assessment and consultation

We look forward to helping you.



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