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The Link Between Diabetes and Hormones

Published September 4, 2018

Dealing with type 2 diabetes is no easy task. Many people forget that insulin is actually a hormone, one that is responsible for regulating blood sugar levels. As diabetics learn to deal with fluctuating insulin levels, they often have to deal with other hormonal imbalances as well. The hormonal imbalance caused by issues regulating blood sugar levels is often part of a vicious cycle that may affect or be affected by other hormonal imbalances as well. Stress hormones, thyroid hormones, and growth hormones may become imbalanced, leading to further complications. Many women with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) also have diabetes as both conditions are often related to obesity and other related health conditions. For women of childbearing age, these types of hormonal issues can lead to fertility issues. While diet and exercise are always an important part of both preventing and treating diabetes, there is much to be gained by addressing hormonal imbalance as well. Read more…

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  • Just wanted to thank you for the follow up and to let you know how appreciative I am of all your help. I am the biggest sugar addict there is and truly am amazed at how easy it was to give up the sugar with no cravings at all. I went home and increased the good fats like olive oil,…Read More
  • "I was unable to find a provider who specializes in female hormones through my OBGYN – they just give you the pill which I didn’t want. And, my endocrinologist fell short in this area. Then I found Restorative Wellness MD of Cincinnati and Dr. Kissel. At my first appointment, the office staff was great, and Dr. Kissel was very thorough…Read More
  • "For years, I have been seeing Dr. Kissel for pellet therapy. This hormone treatment has given me relief from anxiety, fogginess, memory loss and insomnia. Dr. Kissel incorporates a holistic approach that includes a nutritional guidance and supplementation, and my health has significantly improved under her care. I would highly recommend her to others who are looking for a holistic…Read More


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